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Eat Wild. Eat Fresh.

Locally Sourced × FaMily Run


Family-run live shellfish shop harvesting only the freshest seafood out of Narragansett Bay and surrounding waters.


We believe in fresh. Fresh means littlenecks that were dug that day and fish that was harvested within the past 72 hours. Fresh is not cheap. We believe in transparency. We are always striving to serve the freshest seafood, but seafood doesn’t jump in the boat and fishermen don’t always go fishing. One thing is for sure, we’re guaranteed to always have a fresher catch than the supermarkets.

We believe in wild. The taste, smell, and appearance of farm raised clams just doesn't compare to what Mother Nature can create. We believe wild shellfish is the only shellfish to eat. We’re fortunate enough to have a sustainably-run wild fishery right in our own backyard that is still plentiful. We plan to keep it that way by practicing sustainable harvesting methods. We were raised on the water, it's our home and we'd do anything to protect it. 



(401) 253-4529



186 Wood Street
Bristol, RI 02809


M-Sa 9:00a–5:30p
Su 9:00a–1:00p